WarmStor™ - ever changing, ever evolving

Ever changing, ever evolving, that’s why we are leaders in warming and conditioning technology.

After months of careful storage warming up potatoes can be a time when you risk loss of crop quality especially if your current system produces uneven temperatures.

WarmStor™ is the revolutionary low energy system for the automatic conditioning of potatoes for the pre-packing industry and handles this last critical stage, aiming to bring each potato to ideal temperature for packing.

New technologies, new features – the WarmStor™ 2
Thumb nailing and bruising are virtually non existent for our industry leading customers and the latest WarmStor™ 2 incorporates intelligent advances added to it’s already award winning status.

New ongoing throughput
Our new control system now runs an unlimited number of bays automatically each with a variable speed fan to manipulate the incoming product temperature to suit requirements.
This can vary from 2 to 25 degrees Celsius.

New environmentally friendly with low cost bonus
The system uses low grade heat from the ambient air together with using waste heat from adjacent refrigeration/condensing units instead of using potentially environmentally harmful gas or kerosene. Our new WarmStor™ 2 is revolutionary in using a natural refrigerant solution; this making the equipment F-gas exempt.

New Automatic system with increased simplicity
Automated sensors and switches, just load and go! Now even more user friendly - when the last box is removed, the system automatically returns the bay to standby, saving time for operatives and making the system even more cost effective than before.

New Proactive control
Over individual bays of potatoes, automatic speed control optimises the airflow to match the variable requirements that are ever present in the constantly changing store atmosphere.

New rapid cooling and warming
Designed for fresh from the field crops both new and ware, enabling the potatoes to be warmed or cooled to the target temperature regardless of loading patterns and differing crop conditions in a short period.

New Rapid removal of moisture Independent bay control for removing moisture from soil caked potatoes, thereby improving soil removal through the grading and washing plant


"The industry has not seen a warming chamber of this size and sophistication before. It has the potential to make a step-change in the reduction of damage incurred in the packing sector."

Adrian Cunnington
Head of Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research (SBCSR)
Potato Council

01263 832900