Revolutionary and ground breaking.

TaperStor - turning traditional potato storage on its head and taking bespoke potato storage to the next level.

Continuously adaptive for all conditions, all fields, all potatoes, all air flows. It's pioneering taper design ensures maximum capacity storage for maximum ease of use; with easy loading and no difficult to reach corners.

The ingenious design ensures smaller footprint but allows for increased capacity and maximum return on investment; a smaller footprint = reduced constructions costs per tonne.

Insulated, sealed hatch louvres form part of this innovative store’s design, ensuring air flow is fully controllable and there is no air leakage – a common problem with many standard louvre designs.

Proportionally adjustable lateral openings giving the ability to blow laterals independently throughout the store, to match store loading and optimising different crop requirements within the same store.

Advanced, even air flow, all due to it’s unique design allowing you to get more from your air for a healthier crop.

“GuardedSlot” ensures unobstructed, even air distribution.

Automatic fogging control.

All concrete walling means no timber to rot and increased longevity of your investment.

“We wanted the best potato store that we could get; and from the moment we met with the team from Crop Systems we knew we would get the best.

Their never ending quest for perfection backed up by their wealth of knowledge and expertise gave us complete confidence for the end result.

We are thrilled with the end result – a store that has surpassed our expectations in terms of technology, quality and forward thinking.

We would not hesitate to recommend Crop Systems and are excited to be pivotal in the area of crop storage today.”

Stuart Stark
Managing Director, Fridlington Farms

TaperStor - All air, All seasons, All potatoes, All conditions

TaperStor - The Facts

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