"potato storein your pocket"

SmartStor™ - Our unique to market store controller

Take control of your storage facilities today, keep watch over your crops at a time of your choosing.

Have complete communication with your storage facility anywhere, anytime, via any smartphone, tablet, computer or phone.

Share information across many platforms and build long term knowledge.

Competitive pricing with cost effective upgrades and additional features.

The Facts

Compatibility with "smart control" of any make of existing equipment

Work ahead to take advantage of low peak energy savings

Variety performance data

CO2 Accumulator

Modern day weather technology

Extended warranties

Real time power usage recording

Multi lingual version

Key Features

SmartRespons LoneWorker system
Swipe card system sends alarms if user is not logged out in a set time (touch screen entry option).

Fully accessible timeline and data logging

Storage data fully downloadable in both text and graph format for suppliers and farm assurance.

Smart Alarms
Alarms straight to your phone, power cuts, equipment faults, temperature high or low, lights left on etc.

Storing for others?

Multiple remote access by owners, users and hirers on a strict multi-level password protected log in.

Remote control of settings

Remotely control any settings. Simple. Easy.

Information Diary
2-way information diary with multi-user input, track all comments.

24/7 Peace of mind and financial security
Store temperatures and status by email and text, every day.

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