Some of our products helping you to achieve long term storage.

SmartStor - Potato Store in your pocket

Our newest innovation, a cost effective crop store control system that that enables users to monitor and manage their stores via their smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime.

SmartStor™ has been based on years of software design and storage experience. It can easily replace any make of controller giving a “new” brain to manage your existing older storage equipment.

SmartStor™ offers 24/7 peace of mind by continually monitoring all aspects of the store and issuing alarms to users if anything goes outside pre-selected parameters.

Take control of your storage facilities today, keep watch over your crops at a time of your choosing.

Have complete communication with your storage facility anywhere, anytime, via any smartphone, tablet, computer or phone.

Share information across many platforms and build long term knowledge.

Competitive pricing with cost effective upgrades and additional features.

High efficiency axial fans
JM aerofoil impellers are high-pressure die cast of aluminium and consist of blades, hub and clamp plate. The JM impeller is manually adjustable through the full range of pitch angles. Impellers are precision balanced as a fan assembly to minimise vibration levels and assure smooth operation. 315 - 1600 mm diameter

• Volumes up to 186,500 m3/h (51.8 m3/s)
• Static pressures up to 2400 Pa
• Fans tested to ISO5801 and BS848
• High energy efficiency
• Low installed noise levels
• Motor protection IP55

Roof Fans
Our galvanised steel axial flow fans can be installed within roof space at any angle.

Available for single and three phase supplies.

Roof fan heaters
Mounted in front of the fan blades these 1800w tubular heaters provide excellent levels of heat for roof space temperature control.

Fully insulated hatch louvres
A redevelopment of the traditional 'bladed' louvre, these insulated hatch louvres enjoy the same functionality, but with improved leak proof design. Mounted with automated actuators the hatches ensure an improved flow of air with the added assurance of a 100% double seal.

Control panels
We are able to supply and install custom built electric control panels for any installation specification to control equipment within the store.

Refrigeration packs – glycol
Our energy efficient refrigeration packs come with advanced multi compressors packs, inverters and controllers.

Features include Defrost on demand with Eco saving features; inverter drives on main fans linked to refrigeration; head pressure control and VFD controlled compressors.

Our latest refrigeration packs can give savings up to 45% over some older refrigeration packs.

Refrigeration packs – DX
Our fully packaged direct expansion units consist of a highly efficient recuperator, compressor and controls with dynamic head recovery system utilising R407A with a head pump refrigeration circuit.

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Crop sensors
Specifically manufactured to our specifications including 3 year warranty, showing our confidence in the product.

Humidity sensors
Can be placed in crop, duct and outside for RH readings.

Frost stats
Our 2mtr thermostat cables have a range of -5c to 30c

Humidity - Inline and stand alone
Custom built humidity units for both new installation and retro-fit.

Our humidity units offer obvious benefits of reduced weight loss, improved finish, turgidity and extended storage life. With the added advantage of predictive adiabatic cooling reducing reliance on refrigeration; and extending both the period of ambient cooling availability and the storage period.

Our humidity units offer a quick return on investment through an average minimum of 4% on weight loss reduction.

Also, by using water vapour, as opposed to droplets to humidify the air, the transmission of particles and pathogens is eradicated. It has been proven that it is possible to remove bacteria, spores and dust particles from the air, thereby promoting a healthy storage environment.

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Main Fan Silencers
Suitable for pressures up to 1000Pa these units will assist in the attenuation of any noise from the main fans.

Bell mouth inlets
The bell-mouth shape allows the maximum amount of air to be drawn into the duct with a minimum of loss.

Gas burners
The ideal heat source for drying onions, flower bulbs, hops and all types of grain. Modulating gas heaters are designed for use with either axial or centrifugal fan units.

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