Taking positive air flow storage into the future.

The new PosiStor™ - positive by design.

We installed the first commercial suction systems in the UK in 1995 and have been building them ever since.

PosiStor™ is our latest development in positive ventilation providing an updated solution for box stores including extra features and technologies.

Fully automated in-line fogging system requires no auxiliary fans, with an integrated automatic purge taking care of all aspects of the process.

High positive airflows for drying and curing – low positive flows for energy savings and fogging.

Proportional exhaust suction system – guaranteed even suction under all conditions from refrigeration to ambient.

In-line air mix and options for in-line refrigeration and humidity with auto bypass of equipment whilst fogging.

Air-mix using our proven insulated and sealed hatch doors with insulated wall boxes.

Adiabatic cooling with predictive cooling and roof dew-point control.

Easy access to refrigeration coils for maintenance; all louvres at floor level.

For a bespoke service solution to bring your existing store up to standard or from a new green field site, including a full in house 3D design for both, get in touch with us.

Optimise your store and it’s possibilities today.


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