Onion & other crops

Crop Systems expertise doesn’t only apply to potatoes, we excel in all areas of vegetable storage including onions.

Having successfully designed and built onion stores for many years we can offer a bespoke package to suit your needs.

Our energy efficient onion store controllers have many unique features including:-

Inverter controlled fans with total control
Fully Insulated louvers
Smart defrosts
Predictive burner control

Don’t forget that we are able to update your existing stores, we can re-design older onion stores by replacing dated technology controllers with future proof advanced technology that make the existing equipment work to modern standards, by taking advantage of better operating functions.

This can take stores where parts are becoming redundant to a new standards that enable stores to achieve a long term future with new levels of energy efficiency that are easy to set up, control and monitor.

Our onion stores use ambient air cooling when available instead of power hungry refrigeration. Our new variable crop setpoint when ambient air is available has enabled one client to save 80% in one month.

Add that to the significant operating savings and this can result in a rapid payback on investment.

Contact us so we can discuss what we can offer you.


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