Current Projects and Developments

SmartStor™ - Potato store in your pocket

Crop Systems Ltd is launching SmartStor™ - their newest innovation, a cost effective crop store control system that that enables users to monitor and manage their stores via their smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime. SmartStor™ has been based on years of software design and storage experience. It can easily replace any make of controller giving a “new” brain to manage your existing older storage equipment.

SmartStor™ offers 24/7 peace of mind by continually monitoring all aspects of the store and issuing alarms to users if anything goes outside pre-selected parameters.

Operators can log into the store and apply appropriate changes remotely as if you were in the store, or arrange human intervention to solve the problem.

Introducing the new Variable TaperStor™

New, revolutionary and ground breaking, our latest TaperStor™ - turning traditional potato storage on it's head and taking bespoke storage to the next level.

Ingenious in it's design, it's smaller footprint allows for increased capacity and maximum return on investment.

TaperStor - All air, All seasons, All potatoes, All conditions

TaperStor - The Facts

Introducing the new PosiStor™

We installed the first commercial suction systems in the UK in 1995 and have been building them ever since; PosiStor is our latest development in positive ventilation providing an updated solution for box stores including extra features and technologies.

For a bespoke solution to bring your existing store up to standard or from a new green field site, including full in house 3D design, get in touch.

WarmStor™ - drying mode

Ongoing development of Crop systems' WarmStor™ has resulted in the new DryMode, an automatic crop drying function suitable for the seed, packing and ware sectors of the potato industry.

Insulated louvre hatches

A redevelopment of the traditional 'bladed' louvre, these insulated louvre hatches enjoy the same functionality, but with improved leak proof design. Mounted with automated actuators the hatches ensure an improved flow of air with the added assurance of a 100% double seal.

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